How To Check Grammatical Spell and Printing In Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

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Utilizing the spelling check instrument

The Spell Check tool allows you to check your whole introduction for spelling mistakes. PowerPoint has a lexicon you can tweak with words normally excluded in a standard lexicon.

Before the finish of this exercise, you ought to have the capacity to:

  • Utilize the spelling check,Print slides,Print gifts,Print notespages,Print a diagram.

To utilize the spelling check instrument:

  • Click ToolsSpelling.

Click on Tools, choose Spelling

Or on the other hand

  • Snap the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar.

Spelling button

Spelling button

Scanning for errors

When you dispatch the Spell Check instrument, a couple of situations can happen:

  • PowerPoint rapidly checks your introduction, hunting down words that aren’t in its lexicon. In the event that there are no conspicuous blunders, an exchange box will show up expressing that the spelling check is finished.

Spelling Check Complete dialog box

  • In the event that there are conceivable spelling mistakes, the Spelling exchange box opens and offers you various choices. Any unrecognized word shows up in the Not in Dictionary box.

Spelling dialog box

  • You can look over one of the choices in the Spelling exchange box:
  • Overlook: The word is right and does not should be added to the custom lexicon.
  • Overlook All: Ignore all events of the word.
  • Change:Correct the word.

  • Change All: Change all events of the spelling of a word.
  • Include: Add a word to the custom lexicon.
  • Propose: PowerPoint recommends conceivable right spellings of a word. Look through the rundown to locate the right spelling. Select the suitable one, at that point tap the Change catch.
  • AutoCorrect: Automatically rectifies numerous regular spelling, writing, and syntactic blunders.

Once the whole introduction has been checked for spelling blunders and you have rolled out your remedies or improvements, click Close.

The Spell Check apparatus does not get all blunders. Make sure to peruse your content deliberately to locate any typographical blunders.

Seeing and printing

Once you’ve rectified any blunders in your archive, it’s a great opportunity to print. PowerPoint 2003 enables you to see your introduction before you print. You can see and print slides, gifts, notes pages, and layouts.

To review and print an introduction:

  • Click FilePrint Preview.

Click on File, choose Print Preview

Or then again

  • Snap the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar.

Print Preview button

  • On the Print Preview Toolbar, tap the down-guiding bolt next toward the Print What box.

Print What box

  • Select the format you need to see as well as print.
  • Snap the Close button to come back to the introduction, or choose Print to print the format.

Printing a slide introduction

  • In the event that you would prefer not to see your introduction in the different configurations, you can basically print it.

To print an introduction:

  • Click FilePrint.

Click on File, choose Print

  • The Print discourse box opens.

Print dialog Box

  • Tap the down-guiding bolt next toward the Print What box.
  • Choose Slides, Notes, Handouts, or Outline.
  • Select the print range and number of duplicates.
  • Click OK.

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